About MAMA Foundation

A number of years ago, jazz lover Gene Czerwinski asked himself a few simple questions: What would happen if a jazz record company didn't have to compete commercially? What if instead it could concentrate its efforts and creativity on the music alone? What if it could pick its artists based on merit rather than marketability? And what if the artists were given the freedom to play their music the way it was meant to be played?

The solution he arrived at was MAMA Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to preserving the music of culturally significant artists. The Foundation is funded by private contributions and its officers serve voluntarily. Its goal is the production of state-of-the-art digital recordings of the finest jazz and big band musicians that the commercial labels are passing up.

In its support for jazz education, MAMA Foundation furnishes CDs free of charge to qualified school libraries nationwide. These recordings are also available for sale to the general public through the Foundation's marketing division, MAMA Records. All revenues go directly back into funding other worthy artists. 

Music for Schools Program

MAMA Foundation provides complimentary copies of each release in the MAMA Records catalog to the following educational institutions in the United States:

a) accredited colleges and universities which offer a degree in music or musicology and which place significant emphasis on jazz studies;

b) high schools or programs servicing high schools which have shown an exceptional commitment to jazz education.

Music for Schools Program Application.

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